MIC is a revolutionary, vacuum-based net cleaning system, delivering the most thorough and efficient net cleaning solution on the market today.



MIC’s innovative, vacuum-based design creates the cleanest and healthiest pen environment.


MIC thoroughly removes debris from all parts of the net in a single pass, pumping it away at a safe distance from the pen environment. With the addition of MIC’s revolutionary filter system, debris can also be collected on board your vessel, for safe disposal elsewhere.


By removing all debris from the pen, MIC removes parasites including sea lice, irritant hydroids, parasite eggs and larvae. MIC effectively disrupts the parasite life cycle, safeguarding against gill irritation and reducing disease risk in fish, including amoebic gill disease (AGD).


A clean, parasite-free pen environment promotes improved fish health, better growth and lower mortality—and that means higher yield and better business for fish farmers.


The result is clearer water, cleaner pens and healthier fish.



MIC’s single operator, remote controlled design makes MIC simple to use, significantly reducing cleaning times, labour cost and OH&S risk.  MIC has a cleaning capacity of 2400 m2 per hour and an operating depth of up to 60 metres.


Its unique design ensures constant contact with the net during cleaning, regardless of currents or cleaning pressure selected.  MIC cleans the entire net from one moored position, so there’s no need to move your vessel or pens. Its quiet operation minimises stress on the fish, reducing the risk of interrupted feeding cycles, and the European-designed and built lighting and camera system enables efficient net and rigging inspection during cleaning.


MIC promises extended equipment life, with the cleaning head constructed from sturdy, 316 stainless steel—suitable for the harshest of environments.


And MIC is reliable and easy to service, with off-the-shelf, user-replaceable parts readily available worldwide through the Original Equipment Manufacturing chain.




A range of cleaning modes—vacuum only, vacuum with low pressure, low pressure cleaning, or vacuum with high pressure, makes MIC suitable for use on all types of nets. And MIC is the gentlest cleaner available, increasing the lifespan of antifoulant treatments on your nets.



MIC is market-ready to meet the requirements of any emerging environmental regulations for the aquaculture sector. Its filtering capacity and low-pressure function supports best-practice

cleaning processes for any farm seeking environmentally sustainable practices.

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